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Tuesday 4 April 2023

Islamic Art Museum, Berlin

Hi, I’m Emad Elsaid (Arabic: عماد السعيد, IPA: [ʕaˈmaːd ɪlˈsaʕiːd]) . This is my 🌻 digital garden. It’s a public space. It includes notes, ideas, and experiments usually decorated with a photo I captured in my everyday life. Anything I’m involved in will be part of this garden.

I’m a software engineer backend focused. I mainly use #Ruby and #Go.

Social profiles

  • GitHub have all my sideprojects. it’s one of my hobbies.
  • Twitter will have my random ideas or photographs.
  • Facebook for me is more about connecting to family and the Egyptian devs community
  • Youtube includes videos about book reviews, gameplays, or even some thoughts about software engineering.
  • Linkedin I keep my professional profile updated as much as possible
  • Keybase can be used to send me encrypted messages if you’re seeking confidentiality.



The following are projects I’m involved in right now or in operation without development:

✅ Checklists

🇺🇸 English Notes

Peer To Peer

I developed an interest in decentralization technologies and #p2p solutions. these are some ideas that occupied my mind for a while:

Web development








Book Reviews



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