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Saturday 3 December 2022

Islamic Art Museum, Berlin

Hi, This is my 🌻 digital garden. It's a public space. It includes notes, ideas and experiments decorated usually with a photo I captured in my everyday life. Anything I'm involved in will be part of this garden.

I'm a software engineer backend focused. I mainly use #Ruby and #Go.

Social profiles

  • GitHub have all my sideprojects. it's one of my hobbies.
  • Twitter will have my random ideas or photographs.
  • Facebook for me is more about connecting to family and egyptian devs community
  • Youtube include videos about book reviews or gameplays or even some thoughts about software engineering.
  • Linkedin I keep my professional profile updated as much as possible
  • Twitch streams used to be fun for a while. I may get back to it
  • Keybase can be used to send me encrypted messages if you're seeking confidentiality.

My Hobbies


The following are projects I'm involved in right now or in operation without development:

🇺🇸 English Notes

Peer To Peer

I developed interest in decentralization technologies and #p2p solutions. these are some ideas that occupied my mind for a while:

Web development


Converting Ruby sinatra project to Go
Copy file
Country code to flag emojie in Go
Go FileSystem with fallback
Go function logging technique
Go init function
Go slice that doesn't grow past capacity
Golang Bleve Experience
⌨️ Programming
Replacing Golang Regexp matching with a premitive faster solution







Books Reviews


Structuring a startup system


ملاحظات بالعربي 🇪🇬

قصص قصيرة


مراجعة كتب

About this site

  • It's built using Xlog from markdown repository hosted on Github.
  • it uses no Javascript. except for 2 lines that allow Right-To-Left (RTL) pages to be displayed in the correct direction.
  • If you find issues or typos I will be thankful if you went to the repository and edit the file and open a pull request with the changes.
  • Images are optimized with mogrify and stripped from EXIF data to stay lite to your bandwidth
  • It has an ActivityPub interface that exposes all pages to @Emad@www.emadelsaid.com outbox.

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