⌨️ Programming
Thursday 24 August 2023


Languages I use everyday

  • Go : The main language I’m using daily for the past year. Learned it around 2018 and it’s been my favorite language
  • Ruby : Was the main language for me for ~7 years then switched to Go
  • Javascript : I used it since I learned how to code, I use it exclusively in the browser and when it’s needed

Used it professionally in my early career

  • PHP : I landed my first couple jobs after learning PHP and used it for the 4 years in Uni while working as part time dev then for another 2 years full time dev after graduation.

Languages I use occasionally

  • CPP : I’m interested in keeping a moderate skill to use C++ it keeps me close to the low level techinicalities
  • Elisp: I have a pretty basic level of command for Emacs Lisp as I’m using Emacs on daily basis and extended it with some features for my needs

I tried to learn and didn’t like it

learned it and haven’t used it for years or professionally


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