Sunday 17 September 2023
  • I’m using Planning Poker online at work for estimation
  • After a couple of sessions it asks for a subscription
  • I would like to self host a free solution
  • I already had a project called estimate which is written in Ruby
  • I deployed this project on Heroku when they had a free-tier
  • I would like to host it on my VPS for personal use
  • This is a good opportunity to rewrite it in C and learn how to write a simple web application in C


  • There is a GNU project that offers an HTTP library: Libmicrohttpd
  • an echo version is working with static linking to libmicrohttpd and gnu make. here
  • During implementation I needed a hashmap which is not part of C standard library.
    • If GNU had a library I prefer to use it over another source. but I can’t find a GNU C library for hashmap
    • Glib has a hashtable. I have a perception that Glib is a core library for Gnome project and implements basic functionality like stdlib for gnome. hence I’ll use it


  • Any error will crash the program, what kind of countermeasures the program should take to localize errors?