Window10 Disconnects Reconnects Usb Bluetooth
Wednesday 12 October 2022

On my PC I have windows 10 + USB bluetooth I use them for gaming with wireless xbox controller.

I noticed in idle times that the PC was making sound of a USB device disconnecting, this is something that shouldn’t be hapenning, I wasn’t using the machine and it was idle doing nothing.


I wanted to see some system logs like journalctl we have on linux, the nearest logger I found was the windows events viewer, under “System” I found warnings and errors from “Bluetooth HID device either went out of range or became unresponsive”.

So now I know that the problem is the USB bluetooth stick not any other USB device.

  1. looking around the Device manager I found “Generic bluetooth radio” device,
  2. Under properties there is a tab for “Power Management”
  3. “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” was enabled, so I disabled it

That solved the issue. I have 2 other issues that I’m not sure yet if this solved them or not:

  1. Bluetooth mouse was disconnecting randomly while I was using it (not when the machine is in Idle state)
  2. While gaming with dual screens the game was minimizing randomly

My assumption is the first problem is related to the bluetooth disconnecting (even while I’m not idle)

The second issue Is probably the same issue, but windows wants to show an error event that steals the focus from the fullscreen window.

I didn’t validate that these issues are solved yet.