Wayland Setup
Sunday 21 May 2023

To install wayland and associated tools I did the following

Tools exchange

  • Wayland
  • Xserver + i3 -> Hyprland
  • Polybar -> Waybar
  • Feh -> Hyprpaper
  • scrot -> grim, slurp


1sudo yay -S wayland hyprland waypaper qt5-wayland qt5ct libva nvidia-vaapi-driver-git waybar-hyprland-git pipewire wireplumber qt6-wayland xdg-desktop-portal-wlr
2sudo systemctl start seatd
3sudo usermod -a -G seat <user>


Although it worked mostly there were problems

  • screensharing didn’t work with both desktop-portal implementations -wlr and -hyprland