Technical Writing
Monday 9 October 2023

✍️ #youtube_video

  • Simplicity

    • Short Sentences
    • Reduce Jargons
    • Use familiar words
    • Introduce Abbreviations and Acronyms first
  • Factual

    • Active Voice
    • References for every fact
    • Build reasoning instead of opinions
    • Use Objective words instead of subjective words (few, more, robust, strong, weak, complex)
    • Reduce fluff and corp speak
    • Reduce ambiguity and increase assertions (must instead of should, will instead of may)
    • Replace pronouns
  • Organized

    • Use bullet lists instead of Paragraphs
    • Clear structure (Context, Problem, Findings, Solutions, Conclusion)
  • Reduce cognitive fatigue

    • Reduce colors and Formatting
    • Have enough whitespaces
    • Reduce graph complexity
    • Reduce duplicate sentences
  • Guidelines

    • If you can’t read it, nobody can read it
    • People attention is too short




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