Steam Deck
Monday 6 February 2023


I got my steam deck 21 September 2022 as my 34th birthday gift.

  • The steam deck I got was the 512GB version.
  • It came with a hard case, microfiber cloth, a charger and a pouch bag for the charger.


I played several games on it and I noticed that it’s easier decision to buy a game after I got it.

  • Portal 2
  • The witcher 3
  • Dead cells
  • Hades
  • Cup head
  • TMNT
  • Skul
  • Vampire surivors
  • Brotato
  • Celeste
  • Yakuza 0


Material and build quality feels very good. it also feels good in the hand more like a PS4 controller feeling than xbox controller.


  • Some games really get on it’s nerves, the witcher 3 for example. the fan kicks in after couple minutes of gameplay
  • Some games plays really smooth and doesn’t make it sweat. Dead cells for example.
  • I tried to install an epic game from the desktop mode “Nioh” and it struggled with it and the experience awful it didn’t regognize the correct controller layout even. so I stuck to steam games.
  • I got to install google chrome and play youtube videos which were cool.

Game library

It felt good that I got a game on steam deck and also played it on my PC. I got TMNT and then found that it can be played split screen so it felt good that I could just run the same game with the same save history to let my wife join on a bigger screen.


  • On 4 February 2023 the device audio sounded weird after exiting Skyrim. I restarted it and it got stuck on the logo after booting. the recovery system can’t start too.
  • I contacted Steam support, the helped with troubleshooting
    • The first troubleshooting was to try to get into BIOS by powering on + pressing the volume up (+) and that works but still didn’t solve the problem
    • The second step was to put it in “Battery shipping mode” from the BIOS power menu and leave it a couple of minutes and then connect it to power. that solved the issue.


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