Wednesday 31 May 2023

List of principles to remind me of what I believe in

  • Self Dicipline
    • If I decided to achieve a goal I have to control myself in order to achieve it
    • It’s ok to change goals. but if the decision is to have this goal then being lazy about it is not an option
    • Helping book:…
  • Tell the truth
    • If I can’t tell the truth don’t lie
    • It’s easier on the brain to be truthful
    • Lying requires remembering the lies to continue the narrative
    • So it’s simpler to just tell the truth
  • Eat to live
    • It’s ok to enjoy some food.
    • I don’t live to eat. eating is not a goal it’s a mean to live.
    • When you’re not hungry anymore stop eating. It doesn’t matter if the plate is not empty
  • Don’t be in debt
    • Don’t buy anything unless you have the money to buy it many times
    • Don’t buy unless you need to
    • Excess money can be used to buy things you want (not need)
    • Pay yourself first
  • Money is not a goal
    • The goal is to be able to make money when I want to fulfill my needs.
    • Spending money on investing in yourself raises your value. and in effect your ability to make money.
    • Investing in yourself is the highest investment you can do in life and it’s never a losing investment.
  • Being a good person
    • Being a good person in the general sense is not an easy principle.
    • You can’t be a good person for everyone, but you can be a good person for a large number of people
    • The goal is to maximize the number of people that consider you a good person.



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