Pricing freelancing jobs
Tuesday 5 December 2023



  • Haven’t done freelancing for around 5 years
  • I’m bad at business stuff
  • in Egypt not in Europe


  • Choose a unit of measurement
  • Price per unit
    • Time (Hours, Days, Months)
    • Pages/Screens
  • Price as low as it gets you the job for your first job
  • Get jobs as much as your capacity
  • Increase the price gradually to get higher-quality jobs

Show off your jobs

  • Show off on social media your finished jobs
  • Add small details that make you distinct

Be precise and punctual

  • Be precise about the contract:
    • Expected deliverables
    • Expected deadline
    • Expected milestones
    • Expected installments
  • Write your contract down and communicate any changes in writing

Not what I do while I should

  • Survey to know the competition pricing


  • People changing the contract verbally
  • People not paying or delaying payment
  • People extending requirements after delivery
  • Extreme pricing negotiation
  • Assuming contract terms like support

Social media

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