Mau status report
Monday 1 January 2024

youtube_video sideproject


Trigger to renew discussion

  • The need for a platform for free speech
  • Announcement of Quabila around Nov 14 2023 by Sameh Deabes

last activity

Current activity

  • Reviewing the implementation

Base of the idea

  • Social media is people talking to each other in the digital space
  • and it should adhere to the same rules for people talking in real life


  • Accelerate innovation: photographers Exif data and example
  • Walled garden: I would like to share my videos once to appear on all my social applications
  • Censorship: especially at the times of large conflicts
  • Ads
  • Algorithm
  • Control
  • Data travels over the internet although there is no need for that
  • Data leak

What it is not

  • Not for profit


  • Self-hosting is still expensive, especially for videos
  • P2P protocols are an implementation hassle and not reliable in some networks
  • Machines are not 100% connected to the internet yet

Video on social media

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