How to speak
Saturday 22 July 2023
  • Your success in life is determined largly by
    • Your ability to speak
    • Your ability to write
    • and the quality of your ideas
    • in that order
  • Don’t start with a Joke, Start with a promise
    • Promise is what you’ll know by the end of the talk
    • The reason people are here
  • Presenting an idea
    • Cycle: repeat it 3 times
    • Build a fence around your idea (mention what your idea is not)
    • Verbal punctuation:
    • Ask a question: waiting for an answer for 7 seconds
  • Time & Place
    • Well lit
    • time: avoid after meals, not too early
  • Slides
    • Use less text, don’t make them read
    • Keep images simple
    • Eliminate clutter
    • Text size: 35pt min
    • No laser pointer - if you want to point look.
  • Passion = Inspiration
  • Job talks
    • Personal research
    • Present what you have done. solution
  • Package the ideas
  • Have a slogan or a symbol
  • Have a surprise
  • Tell a story
  • How to end
    • Collaborators in the beginning
    • Not the questions slide
    • Tell a joke
    • Don’t say thank you. too lazy
    • Appreciate the audience’s time and place.
      • It’s been a great fun being here

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