How to Find a Solution for Your Problem
Wednesday 12 October 2022
  1. Open
  2. Google your problem
  3. Open all links in the first page
  4. Read page by page until you find a solution
  5. If your problem still exists, back to number 2

For more clarification please refer to the following graph

googling graph


The previous image is generated from the following DOT graph, try to find how to
generate the same png image from it on your machine.

digraph google {
  google [label="Open"]
  search [label="Search for your problem"]
  openlinks [label="open first page links"]
  read [label="read results"]
  solved [label="problem solved?"]
  end [label="Congrates"]

  google -> search -> openlinks -> read -> solved
  solved -> end [label="yes"]
  solved -> search [label="no"]

Congrates, you solved your problem, good job.