Sunday 29 January 2023

  • I used it to try Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro VR headsets
  • Choosing devices is straightforward
  • Devices arrive in a couple of days after requesting it
  • Devices are new in original packaging just like buying them new
  • I rented each device for 1 month but a subscription appears in the app as if it’ll continue until is returned
  • Before the next subscription
    • I request the DHL return label print it
    • Erase the device data (factory reset)
    • Remove the device from my online accounts (meta devices list on my account)
    • repackage it in the original packaging and reseal the Grover package
    • stick the return label
  • For Meta Quest 2 I returned it to the DHL office and it took 2 days for the app to pause the subscription
  • For Meta Quest Pro I returned it to the DHL station and it took around 1 day for the app to pause the subscription
  • It takes a couple of days (almost a week) for the device to be removed from the list on the Grover app
  • Grover mobile app (android) is slow and needs more care to address some usability issues
  • Overall I’m pleased with my experience and would use it again for any expensive devices I would like to try before buying.