Git support for non-ASCII characters in filenames
Tuesday 20 December 2022


Non-ASCII characters

Git escapes non-ASCII character by default, for example this garden has files in Arabic. git ls-files show them as follows:

what are we
"\330\243\330\263\331\201 \331\205\331\202\330\257\331\205\330\"
"\330\247\330\260\331\203\330\261\331\210\330\247 \331\205\331\210\330\252\330\247\331\203\331\"

To have Git display names without escaping (which fixes other scripts that depends on the output)

1git config --global core.quotepath false

Will have the output without escaping

what are we
أسف مقدما.md
اذكروا موتاكم.md

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