Experimenting with MacOS
Wednesday 7 June 2023
  • Started to test MacOS on a MacBookPro M1 to see if I can adapt MacOS to my preference
  • Corporate applications were easily found and installed
    • Logitech MX master mouse scroll didn’t work properly until I installed their software
    • Davinci Resolve is already on the app store
    • Remarkable2 application just works
  • Opensource software suffered a bit
    • Emacs first installation with brew didn’t install the GUI version I had to add --cask flag
    • GPG integration with emacs was a nightmare. I had to install another software to show the password dialog
    • KeePassXC crashed twice when raising the window from hiding state
    • Syncthing worked perfectly
  • Customizing the UI was horrible
    • Can’t remove window shadow
    • Can’t remove window decoration
    • Power software wasn’t in the appstore (Amthyst, TinkerTool)
    • Can’t remove the dock bar
    • Can’t remove the swipe animation
  • Connecting my Lenovo USBC dock worked for the monitor and charging. Keyboard and mouse didn’t work until I restarted the laptop.
  • Changing the external monitor to HDR made the monitor flicker and then turn off. it took a bit to turn off the flag as disconnecting and connecting again made the screen turn off after some flickering. so I had to race the flickering.
  • The email application worked but notification didn’t appear if I quit the application. so it doesn’t have daemon in the background?

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