Experiencing Heide Park Resort Rollercoasters One Day Trip
Wednesday 12 October 2022

It’s been more than a year since I went to any meaningful trip. Lately Heide Park Resort Opened their doors for visitors with a negative corona test result. So we packed our backpack and went from Berlin to the park spent the day riding roller coasters and came back in the same day. I’ll describe the steps I took and the price for each and what to look for if you want to do the same.

Corona test

We need Anigen or PCR certified corona virus test that’s issues at most 24 hours before going through the park doors. So on Thursday 20 May in the middle of the day we booked a test online through coronatest.de. the cheapest is Antigen Test for 24.99EUR and you get the result after 20 minutes of performing it. we performed the test 6:30PM to make sure next day until same time we’re still able to get in to the park.

Now we got the result by email and it’s Negative. if it was positive then we didn’t lose any bookings this is why it’s the first step.

Booking the trains

We need to get to the park exactly when it opens. This will allow us to take advantage of the whole day. The park opens at 10am and closes 6pm (they start evac at 5:30pm). So we booked ICE/ERX RB trains on www.bahn.de from Berlin hbf to Soltau Nord. not Soltau han. Soltau Nord is the nearest train station to the park so we had to be careful with this one.

We took the train from Berlin hbf 5:32 to hannover hbf 7:28 then from there to Soltau nord 9:05. And for coming back from Soltau nord 8:52pm to hannover 22:31 (this is the first mistake we did). and from hannover to Berlin 20 minutes after midnight.

All previous tickets will cost 295.60EUR for two adults. and will secure our travel from Berlin to soltau nord and back.

The mistake we did that we assumed we’ll leave the park at 6pm when it closes and see the “city” and at 9pm we’ll take the train back. so we assumed where was a “city” and it’s possible to explore it on foot. which wasn’t :). Soltau is a small place with lots of forests so it’s not a city you can walk around. so we ended up spending from 6 to 9 in the station and going in circles around it :).

Booking the park ticket

We booked the tickets on https://www.heide-park.de/en/ for two adults for entry 9:55am for 72EUR. So we’ll arrive around 9 and take the bus to the park.

Bus from station to the park

When we checked the ticket on DB navigator for in city bus it was 28EUR for day ticket for two adults. that seemed like too much so we thought when we arrive we can see what the ticket machines offer. surprise surprise when we arrived it has the same price. so we booked a day ticket for 2 adults. the bus station is in a walking distance from the station. but what we didn’t expect is that the next bus will arrive in an hour. and the station is on a highway with cars over 100km/h. walking from the station to the park takes 40minutes. so we ended up using google maps and walked the distance which was around 4km.

That was nice as google maps took us on a walk in a trail in the forest and we saw a deer running away. and took some nice pictures.


on the way back we found the bus form in front of the park to soltau han (we decided to go to soltau han instead of soltau nord to see the non-existing city :) )

The park

it turns out I love roller coasters. my previous trip to Hansapark was very amusing and I rode all roller coasters. so I did the same with Heidepark.

The weather forecast says it’ll shower at 10am and will we mostly cloudy the rest of the day. BUT it turns out it was raining every 30 minutes to an hour. We took a plastic coat with us for this case which we bought from Hansapark for the same reason. and we ended up wearing it most of the day


The park has many roller coasters and panorama trains and thematic areas like Peppa the pig or Dreamworks how to train your dragon themed rides. it’s beautiful and colorful.

Also there are wild gooses and ducks with no fences so kids can take pictures with them.


One specific ride was very impressive. which is the one with a demon in the pictures above. Another ride named Kraken that moves so fast through water after dropping that it spray water on visitors walking beside it.


The trip was very amusing. We had to drink alot of coffee and sleep so little to be able to pull this off. We booked everything one day before the trip. but it’s worth the thrill and excitement.

The only thing is that you have to make sure you wear the mask at all times (aside from walking in the forest of course). so that’s 4/5hours in train and inside the park. so make sure you wear a comfortable mask.