Saturday 1 July 2023

#linux #bluetooth #windows #snippet

  • I use Bluetooth speakers for my PC.
  • Also this PC has windows 10 and Linux dualboot
  • So connecting the speaker to one system and switching will make the pairing in the other system invalid
  • Pairing windows can be reset by removing the device from the list of bluetooth devices and pairing it again
  • linux on the other hand (using blueman-devices) fails for somereason to remove the device and pair again.
  • pairing from command line worked
2scan on
3pair <device>
4trust <device>
5connect <device>

I tried to do it from blueman devices interface and it took over half an hour and one time restarting and removing/installing the bluetooth adapter. then tried the CLI and it worked in a minute.

On 1 July 2023 bluetooth was crashing after connecting