Emad Elsaid Go FileSystem with fallback

Thursday 27 October 2022


I have been working on Xlog and I needed a way for the user to override assets files that Xlog serves from embed.FS. So I had to find a way to have two fs.FS instances to work as a unit. with one overriding the other.


So I had a list of assets that gets embeded in the binary

import _ "embed"

//go:embed public
var public embed.FS
  • Then it's used with http.FS to serve files with http.
  • I needed the user to override the files while running the program. so a file under ./public/style.css overrides the same file in public embed.FS


  • I needed another FS in the picture which serves files from current directory public
  • a way to find the file in the current directory FS first and if not found serve it from public embed.FS
  • So I thought having a struct that include these two FS AND implements the FS interface can make both FS be presented as one
  • turns out fs.FS interface just implements Open(name string) (File, error)
import (

// return file that exists in one of the FS structs.
// Prioritizing the end of the slice over earlier FSs.
type priorityFS []fs.FS

func (df priorityFS) Open(name string) (fs.File, error) {
	for i := len(df) - 1; i >= 0; i-- {
		cf := df[i]
		f, err := cf.Open(name)
		if err == nil {
			return f, err

	return nil, fs.ErrNotExist

How does it work?

  • priorityFS is a new type that's a slice of fs.FS that means it can include both an os.DirFS and embed.FS and any other struct that implements fs.FS interface
  • Open will go over all FS instances in reverse. if the file is found it'll be returned, otherwise it'll continue searching for the file backwards in the slice.


I use it in conjunction with http.FS and http.FileServer to serve files under an HTTP server

wd, _ := os.Getwd()
staticFSs := http.FS(priorityFS{

server := http.FileServer(staticFSs)

So now when a file exists in current directory with the same path as the embeded file the current directory file will be served.

The type is a slice and Open doesn't work on specific length so it can be used for more than just 2 filesystems.

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